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"Blacklisted Again" Michael Berkowitz on "Trumbo" by Norman Markowitz

Below I have posted Michael Berkowitz's excellent review of "Trumbo," the new film on the life and struggle of novelist, screenwriter, and early Hollywood  Blacklist victim, Dalton Trumbo.

The "Madness" of Donald Trump by Norman Markowitz

Let's start as Marxists telling it like it is.  Donald  Trump is not simply a "hate monger."  People hate various things, both personal and polititical.   Trump is a racist and a fascist, and the two go hand in hand.

A Wake Up Call for those in Labor and the Left who Who Wait for Hillary Clinton by Norman Markowitz

Below I have pasted two articles for both liberals, labor members of various left organizations and parties.  In should be a wake up call for those who are observing while Hillary Clinton plays traditional patronage politics to win over leaders of trade unions and prominent Democrats to  gain the Democratic presidential nomination.  For trade union leaders out of touch with their members and seeking either positions in or protection from a Clinton administration, this makes a certain sense.  For prominent Democrats used to taking their mass constituents for granted who seek either local patronage or positions for themselves and their underlings in a Clinton administration, this makes some sense.  But  for leaders of broad left organizations and parties, who will receive nothing directly from a Clinton administration, it makes little sense.  Doing organizatoinal work and running propaganda interference for a candidate like Clinton before she is nominated  under the delusion that this will somehow hold her to the left and/or strengthen the left organization or party among the masses of people doesn't make sense.  Communists did this effectively after Franklin Roosevelt was elected President for example, both moving him to the left and advancing mass organizations and struggles and the CPUSA after his administration moved to the left, forming a center left coalition with the administration.  Bernie Sanders is the candidate of the broad left.  He has used the word socialism in a way that no one, including Franklin Roosevelt ever did.  Full support for him to to and through the convention and  opposition to those who endorses Clinton now is the only rational policy for left organizations and parties that seek to avoid business as usual cooptation and or marginalization.  And rank and file people in trade unions, left organizations of all kinds and of course the liberal wing of the Democratic party are taking that position.

A Powerfful Isreali Critique of the Concept of "International Terrorism" and Wars without End Against it by Norman Markowitz

Below I am cutting and pasting a poweful critique of the concept of "international terrorism" and the war against it by Uri Avnery, an Israeli intellectual and longtime critic of Israeli government policy.  The article is in Tikkun, which seeks to be a force for progressive Jewish opinion, particularly among...

The "Missiles of November" by Norman Markowitz

There is a very famous quote from Karl Marx which I will paraphrase, "history repeats itself.  The first time as tragedy the second time as farce."

The Ontario Federation of Labor Speaks Out in International Terrorism by Norman Markowitz

This statement by the Ontario Federation of Labor, representing one million workers in Canada's largest province, is  a powerful connecting the attacks in Paris with a whole pattern of  escalating violence through the world and also holding its new government, which won an election by pledging to break with the reactionary and racist policy of its Conservative Party predecessor, accountable.

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