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President Obama's African American Policy

The Preident's African American policy.

Health reform and communities of color

Affordable Care Act Delivers Better Preventive Care to Communities of Color By Dr. L. Toni Lewis

Remembering Angelo Herndon

Original source: First Amendment Center

White supremacy basis for attack on whole working class in Wisconsin, Michigan , et al

Below is my comment on the following quotation from:

Book Review: All Labor Has Dignity

review By Catherine O'DonnellUniversity of Washington News and InformationMartin Luther King Jr. led the American civil rights movement but his deep and active commitment to labor and social justice is often forgotten.A new book, “All Labor Has Dignity” (Beacon Press, $26.95, hardcover with CD), brings together 16 of King’s speeches on economic justice, many of them buried in the King archives until now.

African American voters may be key to electoral victory in Nov.

A new joint study by several research organizations revealed this week that African American voters may be key to protecting Democratic leadership in Congress and President Obama's agenda for change.