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Arizona's Two Death Penalties

First, I am not picking on Arizona, just using it as one example; it is standing in for any state that uses similar methods to try and balance its budget.

Where's Bill O'Reilly's Immigration Retraction?

From Fair.orgJune 4, 2010 Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has repeatedly cited one reason to support Arizona's harsh new anti-immigrant law: the state's exploding crime rate.

A Real Solution: Replace SB 1070 with Comprehensive Immigration Reform

PoliticalAffairs.netMobilized to overturn Arizona's anti-immigrant law (SB 1070), an amazing coalition of labor, civil rights organizations, students, recording artists, healthcare professionals, faith-based groups, professional athletes, Arizona elected officials, city governments around the country, and police groups want swift federal action.

Cops don't like Arizona's anti-immigrant law

Arizona immigration law will boost crime in U.S. cities, police chiefs sayVideoBy Spencer S. HsuWashington PostArizona's new crackdown on illegal immigration will increase crime in U.S. cities, not reduce it, by driving a wedge between police and immigrant communities, police chiefs from several of the state's and the nation's largest cities said Tuesday.The new Arizona law will intimidate crime victims and witnesses who are illegal immigrants and divert police from investigating more serious crimes, chiefs from Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia said.