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Lenin on Class Society and the State by Thomas Riggins

State and Revolution Chapter One "Class Society and the State".

Working in the Union Movement

Since 1995 when the Sweeney leadership interrupted the usual transition in the AFL-CIO, America's union movement has become more and more approachable.

Bloice's Quote of the Day -- Paul Krugman

Quote of the Day November 30, 2012'So keep your eyes open as the fiscal game ofchicken continues.

The class struggle in 2011.

The class struggle in 2011.


Summary: There is a lot of confusion about China and its unions in the world workers' movement.

White supremacy basis for attack on whole working class in Wisconsin, Michigan , et al

Below is my comment on the following quotation from:

Intersection of race and class

The following comes from the Economic Policy Insittute and demonstrates how racism in American intersects with class to intensify inequality:

Earth's elections

“Commissioner Zlzch, Second Class Viewer Tlnxp is here.”

Working-Class Studies Association 2011 Conference

The Chicago Center for Working-Class Studies is hosting the Working-Class Studies Association 2011 Conference

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