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Remembering Angelo Herndon

Original source: First Amendment Center

Egyptian communists come out of hiding

After decades of repression going back to the Nasser regime, the Egyptian Communist Party announced this week it will be going public:

Are you one of roughly 20 million Americans...

...who thinks communism is morally superior to capitalism and may provide a better way of life? Then join the Communist Party USA.

Iraqi Communists Accuse Government of Politically Motivated Backlash

Iraqi Communist Party:  Authorities’ request to vacate CP headquarters and newspaper offices is politically motivated

The Secret World of the Chinese Communist Party?

The New York Review of Books for 9-30-10 has an interesting article by Ian Johnson, former Beijing bureau chief for the WSJ, reviewing Richard McGregor's THE PARTY: THE SECRET WORLD OF CHINA'S COMMUNIST RULERS. I don't know how secret it can be if there is a whole book about it. There are some interesting facts revealed in this review that readers of our sites will find useful.