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DREAM Act reintroduced in Congress

Here's a statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:

House Republicans tap anti-immigrant bigots to oversee immigration policy

Two Republican members of Congress who favor mass deportations of undocumented Latino immigrants and have frequently used dehumanizing langauge and negative images of Latinos to push anti-immigrant hysteria will now lead their party's efforts to round-up, detain and then deport some 11 million people and block reforms of the immigration system.

DREAM Act has economic benefits

I'm no proponent of going all out to balance the budget.

What the coming compromise will look like, oh, and the Republicans are still the main enemy of the working class

With the change in the balance of power in Congress and many outgoing members unwilling to risk future corporate lobbying positions with risky votes, it is increasingly plain that the White House has been forced back from a more progressive agenda.