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Egyptian Artists and Intellectuals Demand Mubarak Step Down

Under the title “The solution to the Crisis begins with the Stepping Down of Mubarak,” a group of intellectuals, artists and writers signed a statement demanding the stepping down of Mubarak right now as the only solution to the current crisis and turmoil.

Amazing Egyptian Revolution

(05 Feb 2010) Following some good comments on the revolution but some strange references to its universalism (that is not shared by the west even though it is its humanist philosophy) by the apparent 'Elvis of cultural theory' (Zizek), and earlier preparations by Merkel of Germany, the UK PM David Cameron responds to the peoples uprising in Egypt with a diatribe against multiculturalism in the name of universalism.

The revolution will continue until the demands of the masses are achieved

Statement issued by the Egyptian Communist Party

Solidarity with Egyptian people


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