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Thoughts on moving forward from the "Budget Control Act"

It's clear that Republicans intend to use the Super Committee process to go after Social Security and Medicare.

Hands off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

From Strengthen Social Security:

GOP Agenda: End Medicare AND Social Security

This note from labor-affiliated Alliance for Retired Americans:

Ending Medicare is GOP's pet project

People with longer memories than most will recall there have been three major Medicare fights in the past 16 years.

A tale of three budget plans

Yesterday, President Obama outlined a fiscal policy proposal to reduce the federal debt by $4 trillion.

A Bad Budget Deal for the People

President Obama has struck a deal with the Republicans that is reminiscent of the policies associated with George HW Bush and Bill Clinton, that is, to reduce public spending in major areas while in a less direct way, taxation.

Broadly speaking: Rational views on the Republican's anti-working families budget plan

-----HOUSE BUDGET PROPOSAL IS POLITICAL AND DISINGENUOUSPurports to balance the budget but slashes programs for the poor, maintains tax breaks for the wealthy(Washington, D.C.) Following is a statement by Alan W. Houseman, executive director of CLASP, the Center for Law and Social Policy, regarding the U.S. House budget proposal for FY 2012.

Don't let the Republicans repeal the health reform law

Labor affiliated Association of Retired Americans (ARA) released the following as part of its campaign to mobilize opposition to the Republican Party's attempt to repeal the health reform law:

Just some of the health benefits Republicans want to repeal

Under new Medicare provisions, retirees will get free annual check-ups, recommended preventive services, and new discounts on Rx drugs.

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