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Save Social Security by ending the war

Bringing the war in Afghanistan to a speedy end may be one of the most political goals for 2011.

Most correct position on tax cuts I've read so far

From Americans United for Change:

Update on deficit commission – chairs' report falls

Good news from labor-affiliated Alliance for Retired Americans:

Real deal on fixing Social Security

Everyone knows that every private corporation in America would love to be able to predict that over the next 40 years they will remain financially solvent.

Right-wing deficit proposals are job killers

Neither the Republican's nor the deficit commission's respective budget plans do enough to create jobs or promote economic recovery said AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka this week.

What the coming compromise will look like, oh, and the Republicans are still the main enemy of the working class

With the change in the balance of power in Congress and many outgoing members unwilling to risk future corporate lobbying positions with risky votes, it is increasingly plain that the White House has been forced back from a more progressive agenda.

Jobs top priority, not deficits

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka last week blasted the deficit commission's report on deficit reduction proposals to cut Social Security benefits.

Economists respond to deficit commission report

From the Economic Policy Insittute:

Deficit commission proposals out today – send 'em back (mostly)

In order to get "blue dog" support in Congress, i.e. enough votes to ensure passage, for some of his programs President Obama promised to create a deficit commission to address concerns about the federal budget, the debt and the deficit.

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