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A look at "Socialism 3.0" in China

Below is a brief excerpt from a recent article on the political complexities in China:

Is democracy inherent in socialism?

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Next stop on the Red School Bus Tour: New Haven

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Lenin's Final Battle

In word Stalin and Lenin were in unity on the "National Question," but not in deed.

The 4Cs of the Apocalypse

Wake up America!  Be not naive.

New podcast episode available: Who’s Afraid of Socialism, an Interview with John Nichols

Who’s Afraid of Socialism, an Interview with John Nichols

21st Century Socialism is 21st Century Democracy

If we focus COMPLETELY on the democratic tasks before the working people, socialism will take care of itself in due course.

Marxists and Marmots

How often do we hear that socialism sounds like a good idea but it doesn't work in practice because of human nature.

Leadership and Crisis: a Question

It is not a very good Marxist practice to spread despondency about revolutionary prospects, but even Marx and Engels became worried towards the end of their lives about the likelihood of war and the power and ruthlessness of the bourgeoisie (the traditional name of the ruling class, with French origins) in defending their wealth and class position.

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