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Lenin on Class Society and the State by Thomas Riggins

State and Revolution Chapter One "Class Society and the State".


Summary: There is a lot of confusion about China and its unions in the world workers' movement.

State of the Union and the Right-wing Danger

I haven't written for the blog lately because I have been overwhelmed with work – teaching Winter session courses, doing union work here at Rutgers, etc.  But  I thought I would respond to some developments as President Obama prepares for his State of Union address, which the press is calling...

Congress' Tax Alamo

After watching the debate over the President's tax framework in the House last night on C-SPAN, I have to admit to being somewhat amused.

Progressives condemn Republican rich tax cuts gimmick

This is from United for a Fair Economy:

Too Big to Fail? The Bigger They Are...

We hear a lot lately about corporations (e.g. banks) that are 'too big to fail', in other words, companies that have become so large that they are 'structurally important', they have become a part of the fabric of society to the extent that their failure might be, at least in the eyes of the powerful, catastrophic.

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