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AFL-CIO response to unemployment numbers

It is certainly good news that the unemployment rate dropped for the second consecutive month to 9%, but the current level of job growth is nowhere near sufficient to sustain robust economic growth and put back to work the millions of American workers whose lives have been put on hold.

Video: Voices of the unemployed

Why we need to pass the President's tax/unemployment comp extension framework quick:

IMHO: Can the left offer a real alternative?

IMHO -- if you really recommend voting no on the tax deal, you need to have a practical, immediate alternative to the immediate impacts on unemployment, and tax rises for workers that will otherwise take place.

President Obama on GOP "holy grail"

From today's White House press conference:

AFL-CIO slams Republicans for obstructionism on taxes

This form AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:

[Update] On Paul Krugman's "Let's Not Make a Deal"

Paul Krugman is one of the most influential writers on the Left.

Republicans hold unemployment insurance extension hostage in order to get tax cuts for the rich

Republicans in the House of Representatives voted today against an extension of the tax cut for middle-income families.

Call for unemployment benefits extension – today

The following is from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, civilrights.org:

Unemployment benefits aid economic recovery

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today announced the findings of a multi-year study of the impact of the Unemployment Insurance program in stabilizing the economy during a deep recession.

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