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Ruslan, a taxi driver in Vilnius: Bloice's Quote of the Day

Quote of the DayOctober 14, 2012'"They carried out an experiment on us. They cutpensions in half, people left the country ... Youngpeople have to live off their grandparents.'Now they want to do the same with the Greeks.'Ruslan, a taxi driver in Vilnius, thecapital of Lithuania, where voterswent to the polls...

French Voters Dump the UMP, Left Romps in First Round of Legislative Ection

There is good news for France's new Socialist Party President, Francois Hollande.

Red States See Massive Public Sector Job Losses

The conservative Republicans who took power in Pennsylvania in 2010 have had a busy year.

European Workers Have Nothing But Chains To Lose

“On one side, Europe’s situation is really, really scary: with countries that account for a third of the euro area’s economy now under speculative attack, the single currency’s very existence is being threatened — and a euro collapse could inflict vast damage on the world.