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Piketty for Progressives Part 5 by Thomas Riggins

Piketty for Progressives -- Part 5

Piketty for Progressives Part 4 by Thomas Riggins

Piketty for Progressives-- Part 4

Piketty for Progressives Part 3 by Thomas Riggins

Piketty for Progressives — Part 3

European Workers Have Nothing But Chains To Lose

“On one side, Europe’s situation is really, really scary: with countries that account for a third of the euro area’s economy now under speculative attack, the single currency’s very existence is being threatened — and a euro collapse could inflict vast damage on the world.

Intersection of race and class

The following comes from the Economic Policy Insittute and demonstrates how racism in American intersects with class to intensify inequality:

Report of the Citizens’ Commission on Jobs, Deficits and America’s Economic Future Released

Yesterday Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize-winning economist, led a panel explaining a progressive alternative to the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan proposed by the center-right forces leading the president's deficit reduction commission.

Too Big to Fail? The Bigger They Are...

We hear a lot lately about corporations (e.g. banks) that are 'too big to fail', in other words, companies that have become so large that they are 'structurally important', they have become a part of the fabric of society to the extent that their failure might be, at least in the eyes of the powerful, catastrophic.