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Education Slowdown Threatens U.S.

The emerging train wreck of US Education is the surest sign that the crisis in US capitalism still underway is far deeper and more fundamental than a cyclical phenomenon.  It suggests that, perhaps for the first time in US history, our society is not able to reproduce itself at a higher cultural or economic level.

Next stop on the Red School Bus Tour: New Haven

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Conservative David Brooks espouses communist philosophical principles

In a recent article, conservative journalist David Brooks espouses, surprisingly, some fundamental communist philosophical principles.

Marxist Education On-Line

As capitalists become more desperate, as economic and political events move faster, everyone needs, more than ever, the tools of Marxism to keep up. There has never been a greater need for Marxist education.

Accomplishments in this session of Congress on education-related front

Just got this pretty signfiicant list of education-related legislative accomplishments in the first two years of the Obama adminsitration in an e-mail from the National Education Association:

What works and what doesn't

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control revealed that right-wing nonsense about absitnence-only sex education is exactly that – nonsense – remember Bristol Palin? Here's the skinny according to a statement by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

Special Convention Discussion: Mexican American Equality

Reposted from the CPUSA convention discussion: