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Imaginary debate over Keynes and Marx

First speaker:  Keynes has an under-consumption theory of unemployment (to relate the classic Marxist under-consumption vs overproduction debate on crises).Second speaker:American Marxists have in their majority plumped for good ol' Keynesian pump-priming as a solution to the unemployment problem.

Video: Preview Wisconsin Struggle Documentary

Check out this preview of an upcoming documentary on the Wisconsin struggle:

New Podcast Episode Available: The Road to the 2012 Election (Part 1)

The 2012 elections may be 18 months away but it time now to organize for a people's victory.

What a difference two years makes

Below is a graph depicting trends in job creation in the private sector.

Setting the record straight – George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden

As the cable news outlets showed thousands of Americans gathering in different cities to celebrate the news that President Obama had ordered a successful attack on a compound housing Osama bin Laden, a host of former Bush administration officials called in or appeared to claim that capturing and/or killing the terrorist leader was their top priority all those years and that this weekend's events were really just a continuation of that original goal.

A look at "Socialism 3.0" in China

Below is a brief excerpt from a recent article on the political complexities in China:

Videos: Two Blasts from the Past to Give Us Some Perspective

As an historian, I see one of historical analysis most important values is to give us perspective on where we are and also where we should struggle to be.

How Many Times Can History Repeat Itself as Farce?

I used to write some PA blog  articles on the general theme of "capitalism gone mad.  Today there was a news event which  raised my satirical sensibility.  Donald Trump for President? 

Jesse Ventura's letter to the ruling class

Read the letter here...

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