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Push House to consider COLA adjustment on Social Security bennies

I saw this statement from the NCPSSM on news this week that House Dems are considering a bill that would link Social Security benefit increases to COLA. Needs some push I think:

Don't be fooled: Republicans pose direct threat to Social Security

Corporations and billionaires who control a network of right-wing, Republican Party think tanks and Tea Party organizations are demanding more tax breaks for themselves, blocking climate change legislation, and are pushing to destroy Social Security.

Don't give Republicans the chance to go after Social Security

Republican congressional candidates are itching to pull the trigger on Social Security should they gain power, a fact that makes our participation in these elections as important as ever.

How to strengthen/protect Social Security

As we battle to defeat the Republicans this fall, we should work with labor and other progressive groups to win pledges from Democrats to protect and strengthen Social Security.

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