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Lenin on "Reactionary" Trade Unions by Thomas Riggins

One of the most difficult questions facing any socialist movement is its relation to the trade unions.

Obama administration pushes ahead with free trade agreements

Today the Obama aministration announced it may have the basis of a deal with Republicans in Congress to move forward with three free trade deals: Korea-US, Panama FTA and Colombia FTA.

Why the Colombia Free Trade Agreement is Still a Bad Idea

The following is a statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka welcoming the arrival of 6 Colombian trade union leaders who have come to Washington, D.C. to visit with Congress and express their opposition to the Colombia Free Trade Agreement:

Podcast: Why the Colombia Free Trade Agreement is Still a Bad Idea

On this episode PA contributing editor John Case and CPUSA labor commission chair Scott Marshall respond to the new push to pass the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

AFL-CIO rejects Colombia FTA

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Proposed Colombia Trade AgreementApril 06, 2011We are deeply disappointed that the Obama Administration has signaled that it will move forward to submit the proposed U.S.-Colombia Trade Agreement to Congress for a vote in the near future.  In our view, the situation in Colombia remains unacceptably violent for trade unionists, as well as for human rights defenders and other vulnerable populations.

Broadly speaking: Republicans refuse to aid displaced workers

The Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which helps workers displaced by free trade policies, is expiring and House Republicans have refused to schedule a vote on it. After losing control over their caucus on the Patriot Act vote earlier this week, they realize if a TAA extension had an up or...

New Job Tracker Tool Highlights Corporate Abuses

Recently, I took a look at a new tool called JobTracker, which tracks job losses due to outsourcing and other corporate abuses put together by Working America.

The importance of the Steelworkers' recent steps

The United Steelworkers this week filed a petition with the US Trade Representative "identifying a broad array of Chinese policies and practices that threaten the future of America’s alternative and renewable energy sector." According to a USW statement: