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Defying the blockade

Milwaukee Welcomes 22nd Pastors for Peace Caravan, July 8th Milwaukee Welcomes 22nd Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba on July 8th.

House Republicans seek to reverse Obama's Cuba travel regulations

This week the House Republicans added an amendment to a bill that would rescind new family travel regulations ordered by President Obama that loosened rules about travel to Cuba by family members.

Most Americans Would Consider Visiting Cuba If Travel Restrictions Were Lifted

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 28 (acn) Nearly 75% of all Americans would at least consider visiting Cuba if all travel restrictions were lifted, according to an informal survey carried out among almost 1,000 people by Travel Leaders, a Minneapolis-based network of travel agencies.

New Cuba Travel Guidelines

The following is from Latin America Working Group analysis of the new Obama administration guidelines on travel to Cuba:

[Update] New rules re: travel to Cuba

There haven't been many specifics released yet, but according to the Latin America Working Group here are some likely changes being made by the Obama administration:

Lift Travel Ban on Cuba

For more on the bill, read the article on HR 4645 in the People's World.