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Demand Congress extend unemployment benefits

With the Lame Duck session beginning, the fight for jobs, extending unemployment benefits and protecting Social Security has begun.

Economists respond to deficit commission report

From the Economic Policy Insittute:

Jobs and jobs numbers

Jobs and the economy remain the top priority.

Labor Dept. launches program for laid-off Native Americans

US Department of Labor announces grant to assist Native Americans affected by fishing industry layoffs in Washington State

Who's responsible for the slow recovery?

FreeStateDem over at DailyKos posted this interesting item on the recovery act with some great links today that is worth a read.

Keep public workers on the payroll and save the economy

The unemployment rate inched up .10 percentage points to 9.6% in August, according to the latest DOL data out today.

Trumka demands quick action jobs legislation

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on June Jobs ReportJuly 02, 2010

Unemployment nearing Great Depression levels for African Americans and Latinos

Below are the findings of a new report compiled by the Economic Policy Institute of the impact of the recession on 50 major U.S. cities:

Pass the Local Jobs for America Act

14.6 million U.S. workers unemployed.

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