Hurriya is Arabic for Freedom: Just Listen to Egypt Roar

“Just listen to that roar,” urged a CNN correspondent in Egypt, as thousands of Egyptian protesters charged, fists pumped, against hundreds of armed Egyptian security forces.

Duvalier = Aristide?

Duvalier = Aristide?Equation of dictator with popular ex-president distorts Haitian history, reality2/10/11

The Bad Doctor and the Ambiguous Dictator

President Hosni Mubarak evidently has the same hearing problem as Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier.

Egypt Rising as Shock Waves from Tunisia Arrive

Original source: People's Democracy

Podcast: Egypt’s Struggle for Democracy

On this episode, well play a recorded discussion of the events in Egypt and their causes, the roles of the youth movement, new information technologies, the Egyptian labor movement, and what steps people the United States can take to show solidarity with the Egyptian people in their struggle for freedom.