Impact of Green Economy Investments in the Recovery Act

I did a spit take yesterday when I heard MSNBC commentator Mika Brzezinski tell another TV personality that to reduce the federal deficit we all "need to live within our means." I wasn't surprised by the remark so much as angered that yet another wealthy media pundit was lecturing us about being economical.

Public Workers are not Public Enemies

There have been a lot of negative things written about public workers lately, not just in our local newspapers, but everywhere we turn: Our healthcare benefits are too generous.

Republicans Plan to Eliminate Medicare and Social Security

Republicans got elected by saying the word "jobs" a lot during the worst recession since the Great Depression, despite having voted against every job-creating program offered by the President or the Democrats in the last two years.

General Electric and the New Industrial Policy

The addition of General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt to the third top Obama Administration position on economic policy tells an important tale about both this political moment, but more importantly, about the struggle within ruling economic and policy elites over the fundamental structural changes that recovery from the great financial crisis requires.