Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet

Some years ago in New England, a group of environmentalists asked a corporate executive how his company (a paper mill) could justify dumping its raw industrial effluent into a nearby river.  The river—which had taken Mother Nature centuries to create--was used for drinking water, fishing, boating, and swimming.  In just...

Prison Firms, Suspected Hate Group behind Georgia's Immigrant Bills

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News

Financial Journalism and The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo

Original source: Black Commentator

Israel: Anti-boycott Bill Approved

Bill imposes fines on Israeli citizens who back, initiate boycotts against occupation

Racist Roots of Republican Party Immigration Policy

Republican extremism on immigration could cost them at election time, especially in states with significant Latino populations, recent polling data appears to confirm.

Podcast: Who's Afraid of Socialism, an Interview with John Nichols

On this episode we play a special interview with author John Nichols.

From Local to Global: Politics and the Balance of Forces

Editor's note: The following is a slightly excerpted/edited version of a report delivered at the 12th international meeting of communist and workers parties in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dec. 3-5, 2010.

Technology for Change: Building a Text Messaging Service for your Organization

It’s two in the morning when the cell phone by your bed beeps you awake with a text message.  You turn over, pick up the phone, and read, “Urgent! Need more pickets @ the site.”  As you toss your clothes on, another text arrives.

Against Public Wishes, Republicans Go Forward with Pro-Pollution Agenda

Supporters of clean air and water this week pushed back against a Republican Party proposal to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from doing its job to protect American families from air pollution.

Republicans Plan to Eliminate Medicare and Social Security

Republicans got elected by saying the word "jobs" a lot during the worst recession since the Great Depression, despite having voted against every job-creating program offered by the President or the Democrats in the last two years.