Honduran People Demand Return of President Manuel Zelaya

6-28-09, 12:01 pm

HAVANA, Cuba, June 28 (acn) The Honduran people have taken to the streets of the capital Tegucigalpa to demand the return of President Manuel Zelaya, who was kidnapped early on Sunday by military forces. Uncertainty prevails in the country as people fear for the life of the Honduran President, according to media reports.

The news about a coup attempt is common knowledge in the country, while the media in favor of the local oligarchy silence the details about the kidnapping of Zelaya, according to reports by PL news, which adds that the state TV channel was taken out of the air.

The Honduran people have mobilized and marched towards the Presidential Palace, while leaders of social organizations interviewed by TELESUR TV Channel affirmed that demonstrators are accusing the military that supported the coup attempt of being traitors, in what is described as a confrontation raising its tone.

Some military vehicles stationed around the Presidential Palace withdrew from their positions at times in the face protest actions by the people, who have thrown stones against the military supporting the coup.

The homes and offices of top Honduran government officials have been surrounded by the military, though Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas affirmed that the struggle for the rights of the people will not be reversed.

This incident has originated from the decision of oligarchic groups to boycott the development of Sunday’s opinion poll, which is the first step for a future call for a National Constituent Assembly to make reforms on the country’s Constitution aimed at defending the fundamental rights of the Honduran people.

Earlier today, Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas denounced the kidnapping of President Zelaya by the military, in statements to TELESUR TV Channel.

“Our offices and homes have been surrounded by the military, but as long as we have the right to speak we will denounce the actions aimed at thwarting the people’s referendum,” she said and went on to note “this is a crime against our democracy and we have affirmed that we will continue with our struggle despite the consequences, but our people will not kneel down before those who want to kill the hope we are building.”

This attack has been perpetrated by the same oligarchic groups that submitted the Honduran people to hunger and poverty for decades, said the Foreign Minster and she affirmed “the people will follow on the way to democracy with us or without us.”

Reports say that the Organization of American States (OAS) called an urgent meeting of its Permanent Council to analyze the crisis in Honduras and “to defend the country’s democratic stability.”

Honduran radio stations have been reporting, since very early hours on Sunday, that President Zelaya was detained and forcibly taken away by a grouped of hooded military after a shooting took place between the kidnappers and the President’s personal guards; the reports do not say if there were killed or injured people in the action, according to AP.

From the Cuban News Agency