Republicans Want to Repeal Your Healthcare

A Republican Party attempt to repeal health reform would put as many as 129 million Americans in jeopardy of being denied health insurance coverage, says a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Atlanta City Council Committee Seeks AHA Eviction, Relocation Data

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News

Two Fighting Women in Berlin

Once again it was the annual big weekend for German leftists of every conceivable persuasion.

Violent Media Rhetoric: Beyond Tucson

Media AdvisoryViolent Media Rhetoric: Beyond TucsonWhen some calls for violence are acceptable1/14/11The discussion of violent and paranoid rhetoric in the media is long overdue, whether or not it is ever determined that accused Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner was somehow influenced or motivated by such rhetoric.

"Stick a Shiv in Us": Tim Pawlenty's Overheated Rhetoric

Minnesota Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty wants us to think he's nicer than Sarah Palin.

Georgia: Progressive Legislators Oppose Sales Tax on Groceries Reinstatement

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News(APN) ATLANTA -- Five progressive state legislators--State Sens.

The Gun Idolatry in Current American Culture

Original source: The New American Empire

Daley and Sperling: The return of Robert Rubin

Here's a quote from moderate conservative financial times columnist Clive Crook:

The Arizona Murders and the Political Culture of Fascism

Let me start by saying that the CPUSA’s statement correctly links the shootings to the political climate engendered by the ultra-right – not supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans at all – but hypocritically encouraged by “respectable” right-wing politicians like Palin, Tancredo, etc.

Republicans Break Ethics Rules on First Day

After campaigning on a platform claiming to seek austerity in government while millions of Americans are hurting in the bad economy, Republicans have been caught exploiting the corrupt system of campaign finance – on their very first day.

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