Pentagon Cuts Weapons Programs, Troops to Save Money

Original source:  Xinhua

Change is Essential, but What Kind of Change?

I've read with interest the contribution of C.J. Atkins and others.

Republican Party Agenda Threatens Food Safety

The Republican Party's ideologically motivated drive to cut taxes for the rich and social spending for working families may threaten food safety, say supporters of a law passed in the lame duck session of Congress and signed into law this week by President Obama.

Japan: 60 Years Since 'Red Purge'

Original source: Japan Press WeeklyThis year marks the 60th anniversary of the “red purge,” a major sweep of Japanese Communist Party members and its supporters during the U.S. occupation of Japan.

Oakland's First Chinese-American Mayor Walks Through the City

OAKLAND, CA - 3JANUARY11 - Oakland Mayor Jean Quan walked through the city on her inauguration day.  She is the first Chinese American woman elected mayor.  She started at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center in Chinatown.  She then stopped at the Asian Resource Gallery, which featured an exhibit of posters curated by Greg Morizumi, from the Third World Strike at the University of California and political movements in the Asian American community since the 1960s.  Mayor Quan designed one of the posters in the exhibit, protesting the beating death of Vincent Chin.

Coalition urges filibuster reforms in new Senate session

After a record number of filibusters by Senate Republicans in the recently closed session of Congress, a coalition of progressive organizations, Fix the Senate Now, is calling for filibuster reform.

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