John Birchers should learn to read (or at least listen)

My seven year-old is a good reader. A product of the local public schools, he reads past his grade level.

He seems able to read better than Aaron Klein of the right-wing, pro-white supremacist, pro-war, conspiracy theory-driven, John Birch Society-originated, Republican Party-corporate tool website Klein titled a recent article of his "Communists: GOP takeover 'capitalist coup.'"

The article refers to our recent podcast titled "Stop the Republican Corporate Coup."

So why did Klein put "capitalist coup" in quotes in his title?

Of course, everyone knows that capitalists dominate our political system. And the point the podcast made was that corporations that aligned with the GOP were willing to spend any amount of money to gain control of Congress. They fell short, because voters weren't willign to walk all the way down that crazy road.

So why is Klein the only one in the dark about these things?

One possible answer is that he has a reading comprehension problem or simply didn't listen to the podcast and has trouble quoting what he looks at. My public school taught seven year-old can tutor him, if he'd like.

Another likely reason is that Klein, like so many of the Republicans he hacks for, are committed to self-delusion about the nature of U.S. politics – the paranoid style invented sometime after World War II to find a "red" under every bed and to beat American voters with fears about them.

It was Klein's group that accused of President Eisenhower, in fact, of being a communist because he sought an end to the Korean War that had killed 36,000 American troops, and millions of Koreans, because he sought detente with the Soviets rather than all-out war, and because he refused to continue the McCarthy-style politics the Birchers thrived on.

Oh Aaron. Let me know if you need those reading lessons.

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  • Yes Joel, The John Birch Society also made its"mark" by crusading against the flouridaton of water as a "Communist plot" coming to the conclusion that since the cold war did not end with the obliteration of the Soviet Union, the Peoples Republic of China, and all Communist, socialist, liberal, non reactionary conservatives forces on earth, this was clearly the result of Communist domination of th

    Posted by norman markowitz, 11/11/2010 1:08pm (8 years ago)

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