Marxist IQ for This Week by Norman Markowitz

Marxist IQ  for this Week by Norman Markowitz


1.       The Republican state legislature’s ramming through their “right to work for less” law is

Represents a threat to the American people because

a.       It is the first of these laws pushed through in a major industrial state

b.      It was done without any referendum, or any serious debate, unlike similar laws over the decades

c.       It is a textbook case of the Marxist concept of the dictatorship of capital over labor

d.      All of the above


2.       The horroric slaughter of children in an elementary school in Newtown, Conn is evidence

a.       teachers and students should be armed to defend themselves

b.      the NRA is right when it claims that guns don’t kill people, people kill people

c.       the absence of any national gun control policy is central to understanding the atrocity

d.      free trade in firearms will make guns more affordable to all people


3.       The recent elections proved one major  point about electoral politics under capitalism:

a.       The defeated Republicans have accepted the results and adjusted their policies

b.      The elections were of no importance to anything

c.       The Republicans, as the preferred party of large capital, spent more money than any party in any election anywhere in history

d.      The strict controls of  campaign spending and equal time provisions for candidates are evidence of the strength of American democracy


4.       Deficit financing is bad for capital when

a.       It is paid for by progressive taxation

b.      It is used to increase  jobs, and incomes for the working class

c.       It is used to subsidize social welfare programs and increase equality

d.      all of the above


5.       Deficit  financing is good for capital when it

a.       Raises the incomes of labor

b.      Pays for itself in “self liquidating” projects

c.       Subsidizes industrial capital through military spending and finance capital though interest payments

d.      fosters “economic growth”


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  • 1. D

    2. C

    3. C

    4. D

    5. C

    Posted by Sean Mulligan, 12/16/2012 7:48pm (4 years ago)

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