Mentally Ill Hostages Kept in US base of Guantanamo Bay

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 26 (acn) Psychiatric hostages are tortured and kept at the US military base at the illegally occupied territory of Guantanamo Bay, according to documents filtrated by Wikileaks to several media.

In 2006, about 30 prisoners were mentally ill and many attempted suicide, three of whom committed suicide this year, according to the Wikileaks information.

An article published by Cubadebate quoting the Spanish daily El Pais says the policy followed by the US regarding Guantanamo is based on the “just in case.”

The article adds that everything that happens in the illegal American based on possible links with terrorist groups, of which, according to reports, only 22% has been of special interest to the US Intelligence Services; about the rest there is medium or low information, says the Spanish newspaper.

The secret documents from the American Defense Department show that, despite their illness, most of the prisoners spent years behind bars before being transferred to their countries of origin.

The search for information outweighed the health conditions of the prisoners like in the case of Afghan Modula Abdul Raziq, who was handed in only when his pitiful condition hampered obtaining reliable intelligence information about Al Qaeda and it associated groups.

Modula was detained in Afghanistan by anti-Lebanese forces and was taken to Guantanamo bay in January 2002.

A report about the prisoner says in the first interrogations, Modula assured to be addicted to narcotics and that he suffered from schizophrenia and other mental conditions.

Another prisoner, Juma Muhamed Abd al Latif al Dosari, 38, from Bahréin, set record of 12 attempts of suicide being the most recent in December 2005 when he cut his throat.

In 2006, a report by rear admiral Harry B. Harris says Muhamed Abd al Latif al Dosari suffers from an important depressive disorder, however, the same document starts by saying: “the detainee enjoys good health.”

According to standards followed by the US base establish that the elderly suffering senile dementia and depression could be terrorists, the article reads.

There are currently 170 prisoners at US military base in Guantanamo.

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