November 2010

China not Neocolonialist

Original source: China DailyMutual benefits and respect distinguish China’s presence in Africa from Western colonialists and profiteers

Greenpeace Accuses Walmart in Beijing of Selling Tainted Produce

Original source: Global Times“Profit over people,” read the banner held by Greenpeace members at the Dajiaoting branch of Walmart in Beijing Thursday at 11 am, when the environmental protection organization gave the retail giant its Golden Scales Award for allegedly selling tainted produce.“The scale has two trays.

The Elimination of Poverty in China

Original course: People's DemocracyThe elimination of poverty is an essential requirement of a socialist system.

China Aids Africa in Food Insecurity

Henri Mumba, Malawi’s deputy ambassador to China, had never tried baking a cake by himself before.But he did entertain 20 people with a chocolate cake made in less than 2 minutes on his first trial, by applying a special type of cake flour produced in China.“The instant flour has made life so much easier,” Mumba said when visiting Beijing Grain Group on Wednesday, “and seriously, I am considering introducing the technology to my country”.In a recent tour to two State-owned factories for grain storage and processing in Beijing, diplomats from 10 different African countries have soaked up some Chinese experience to tackle food insecurity.As part of follow-up mechanisms of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, an intergovernmental initiative that aimed at strengthening ties between China and African countries, a series of programs have been launched to improve cooperation on various issues, notably in the area of food and agriculture.The world has marveled at China’s noteworthy achievements in hunger alleviation.

The "Emissions Power" is a Myth

Despite China’s total carbon emission, which shows China is a major CO2 emitter, its per-capita emissions in 2007 were only 4.6 tons, less than 25 percent of the United States and only half of the EU.Additionally, China has done the best job in CO2 emission reduction in the world through its strenuous effort in recent years.