November 2010

Will Congress Continue Jobless Benefits to Help the Unemployed, Their Families and the Economy?

Original source: Coalition on Human Needs Unless Congress acts when it returns from the Thanksgiving holiday, millions of hardworking Americans who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state benefits—including 2 million in December alone—will lose their federal unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

Unless Congress Acts – A Bleak Holiday Season for Millions

Original source: Black Commemtator The U.S. Congress that convened for its limited "lame duck" session this week has a lot on its plate; it will act - or not act - on some of the pressing issues facing the nation, wrap up its business and go home for the holidays.

China not Neocolonialist

Original source: China DailyMutual benefits and respect distinguish China’s presence in Africa from Western colonialists and profiteers

The Elimination of Poverty in China

Original course: People's DemocracyThe elimination of poverty is an essential requirement of a socialist system.

Economic Recovery Strangled by Big Business – Premeditated Abuse and Sabotage

Big business take warning: you are accused of knowingly sabotaging the welfare of Americans to extract an obscene share of our abundance.

China Aids Africa in Food Insecurity

Henri Mumba, Malawi’s deputy ambassador to China, had never tried baking a cake by himself before.But he did entertain 20 people with a chocolate cake made in less than 2 minutes on his first trial, by applying a special type of cake flour produced in China.“The instant flour has made life so much easier,” Mumba said when visiting Beijing Grain Group on Wednesday, “and seriously, I am considering introducing the technology to my country”.In a recent tour to two State-owned factories for grain storage and processing in Beijing, diplomats from 10 different African countries have soaked up some Chinese experience to tackle food insecurity.As part of follow-up mechanisms of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, an intergovernmental initiative that aimed at strengthening ties between China and African countries, a series of programs have been launched to improve cooperation on various issues, notably in the area of food and agriculture.The world has marveled at China’s noteworthy achievements in hunger alleviation.

The Republican Sole Jobs Initiative – Extend Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich

The stimulus has created or saved 2 million jobs since initiated.

The Fed and the Debased “Imperial Dollar”: Future Inflation, Timid Economic Growth and Higher Interest Rates Ahead

"Under a paper money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence positive inflation."Ben Bernanke, future Fed Chairman (in 2002)“My thesis here is that cooperation between the monetary and fiscal authorities in Japan could help solve the problems that each policymaker faces on its own.

Dennis Kucinich: "Our Economy is Out of Breath"

Original source: l'HumaniteTranslated Thursday 4 November 2010, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Derek Hanson.