November is almost here, get the vote out!

It’s fresh, it’s hot and it’s got a serious message: In 2010, young people have a big stake in the outcome of this election and the only way the powers that be will respect them is if they vote and make the politicians listen to their concerns. The Hip Hop Caucus and American Rights at Work have come together to launch a video and photo campaign to promote “Respect My Vote.”
On the heels of a new survey that finds young workers even worse off this year than they were last year, the AFL-CIO is stepping up a program it hopes will eventually bring the Y generation into the labor movement.
MTV, BET, and Country Music Television all took a break from their regularly scheduled programming yesterday, October 14, to cover a youth-oriented town hall style forum between President Barack Obama and young people of all races, faiths and political orientations.
Glenn Beck directed his tea-party extremists to the website of the Young Communist League, the Communist Party USA's youth organization, in his Sept. 28 and 29 television shows.  His goal was to incite controversy, and renew the terrible legacy of McCarthyism, prior to the One Nation rally scheduled for October 2. 
Have you ever wondered why the United States interacts with the world in the way it does? Ever wondered why our country always seems to be at war with the world, why our government is always demonizing, attacking, and fighting other countries, their leaders, and often their entire populations?

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  • Also,have you ever wondered why the heroic activities of Rev. Dr.Martin Luther Jr.,Paul Leroy Robeson,W.E.B. Du Bois,Elizabeth Flynn,and Alphaeus Hunton and their policy prescriptions of anti-imperialism and democracy for the world's peoples have not been followed by our government and business communities?
    If the imperial rulers have their way,the youth of this United States of America will never know these names,their life saving activities for posterity,those of anti-imperialism,peace,anti-racism and anti-repression.
    It is no mistake that these,were all,communists,and those who worked closely with communist collectives.
    It is no mistake that these were all anti-fascists and promoters of the well-being of of not only youth in the U.S. ,but of youth all over the globe,including African youth.
    Glenn Beck's directing youth to the historically heroic Y C L,the organization of the great Henry Winston,to name another unsung hero,will backfire on the hate filled imperialists and show the youth of the U.S. and the world,their true,pure,righteous history,one of peace,progress and socialism.

    Posted by peaceapplause, 10/19/2010 11:17am (8 years ago)

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