Party of No/Party of Wall Street

The following item was recently posted at In it the author has brought together a list of his favorite quotes by Republican Party leaders indicating how the Party of No is the Party of Wall Street and proud of it.

Take a look:

It's been 20 months since Barack Obama was inaugurated, and two months since Wall Street reform was signed into law, and two weeks since Elizabeth Warren was appointed to set up the first agency designed to protect consumers of financial products.

It may be in vogue among conservatives to join most Americans in criticizing the bank bailout, but when conservatives open their mouths after that, do they make any sense? Or do you get another heap of conservative crazy, on top of their crazy comments on the economy and health care?

Our third edition of "Top 10 Crazy Things Conservative Say" reveals all!

My favorites of the top ten:

[9] "I just don’t know how long you can expect people to contribute money to a political party whose main plank of their platform is to punish you." – National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn, making his case why Wall Street should give money to Republicans and not Democrats.

[4] "…they eliminate every bank in the country and all private student loan lenders so the government can do it instead." – House Minority Leader Boehner, upset at the end of government subsidies to banks making student loans.

Tea Party people who claim to be against Wall Street bailouts and such seem to be little more than dupes of the Party of No.

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