Spontaneous mass fightback explodes

The contradictions inherent in the movement of capitalist society impress themselves upon the practical bourgeois most strikingly in the changes of the periodic cycle, through which modern industry runs, and whose crowning point is the universal crisis. That crisis is once again approaching, although as yet but in its preliminary stage; and by the universality of its theatre and the intensity of its action it will drum dialectics even into the heads of the mushroom-upstarts of the new, holy Prusso-German empire.

Karl Marx
January 24, 1873



The First World  financial crisis in this period is drumming dialectics into the upstart mushrooms of finance capital who drum it into their upstart politicians of the tea-Republican Party in the US (other government agents in Britain, Egypt, Greece and France); who attack  whole Peoples with government austerity, cuts to public wages and services.

In the US, the movement that elected Barack Obama saw negation in the tea Republican victories in the 2010 elections. The rightwing governors' austerity assaults on a broad spectrem of the working class and People has begotten the beginning of the negation of the negation in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, and other locations.

"But capitalist production begets, with the inexorability of a law of Nature, its own negation. It is the negation of negation."

In a way, the world revolution at this time is taking more of the IWW - form than the Bolshevik - form. There is no vanguard party leading or organizing the spontaneous uprisings of the working class from London to Cairo, from Madison Wisconsin to Athens. Wait until the next Mexican national election. Aye que bueno! On the other hand, in some ways the trade union movement is spontaneously turning into a vanguard party of the working class. The UAW had a special conference and at it conclusion International President Bob King led a protest that shut down a bank for 30 minutes (!). March on Wall Street, indeed.

The world revolution of this period has started as a spontaneous uprising of the working class in much of the capitalist colonialist centers. There has been no vanguard party. Yet , trade unions in Egypt and Michigan are spontaneously functioning like vanguard parties.

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  • After the appearance of,or, the manifestation of the Communists,and the works of Lenin,spontaneity will never be the same,(see Lenin's What Is To Be Done)for somewhere here,then there,then in a thousands of places,we find the communists,in the crevices and creases,the "pores"of society.
    Almost like Negroes and Jews,we are everywhere as is our blood-the blood of the working class,which has nourished all.
    In Egypt, the Communists rise again,almost like the pyramids rise above the Nile(borrowing from Langston Hughes). This Phiaro,going south,but flowing north,like the great Frederic Douglass's North Star,is like the miracle of the modern working class,whose actions continue to be led by the great Lenin who combined struggles of the whole oppressed of humanity with that of the working class.

    Posted by peaceapplause, 03/29/2011 2:35pm (8 years ago)

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