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Bloice's Quote of the Day for Nov 15

Quote of the Day
November 15, 2011

'The illegal eviction of protestors from Zuccotti Park
was cowardly and irresponsible. City Hall knows it was
an indefensible act-- that's why it was carried out in
the middle of the night and reporters were kept at arms
length and prevented from covering the full story.

'Mayor Bloomberg should apologize to the media and to
the protestors whose constitutional rights were
trampled on by his militaristic misadventure. He has
escalated tensions unnecessarily and shown an alarming
lack of judgment and leadership.

'He needs to recognize that the Occupy movement is not
about geography or a specific location. It's about
calling attention to unacceptable forms of economic
inequality and injustice in this city, around the
country, and throughout the world. It's about allowing
long-ignored voices to speak out.

'He has grown more defiant and tone-deaf to the
concerns of the 99% in recent days precisely because he
is governing the city as an all-too-proud spokesman for
the 1%. He has yet to learn a simple lesson: how to

Stuart Appelbaum, president
Retail, Wholesale and Department
Store Union, UFCW
November 15, 2011


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