Three Videos

Three videos on economic bill of rights.

The following are three videos . 

The first is Franklin Roosevelt's 1944 radio address calling for  new bill of rights, which the press dubbed the economic bill of rights.  The second is Ronald Reagan from 1948 saying things that he would never say again and which are especially important for tomorrow's elections.  The last, is awful in terms of music but very insightful Progressive Party campaign song from 1948, which captures which captures much of our contemporary troubles, although there is no Progressive party to vote for tomorrow. Note that Roosevelt's economic bill of rights address remains unfulfilled in the U.S  and under attack everywhere else.  Note that Ronald Reagan's 1948 attack on Wall Street, Taft-Hartley, and corporate profiteering(everything that he would later champion) are relevant to the crisis today.  The Progressive party song is also very relevant,  given what followed in the U.S.  But  Ddfeating the Republicans tomorrow is the only choice we have if we are to learn from history and  keep the worst of the past from undermining our present

Norman Markowitz


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