Walter Rodney on fascism

We have heard the news from Greece about attacks on immigrants by the
extreme right - but the news is even worse - evidently the police are
allowing the neo-nazis to take responsibility for certain security
functions that should be their responsibility. In light of this, and
also of developments and trends we see here, we can consider these
observations of Walter Rodney:

Walter Rodney on fascism.  From the book, “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”

“Fascism is a deformity of capitalism. It heightens the imperialist
tendency towards domination which is inherent in capitalism, and
safeguards the principle of private property. At the same time fascism
immeasurable strengthens the institutional racism already bred by
capitalism, whether it be against Jews (as in Hitler’s case) or
against African people (as in the ideology of Portugal’s Salazar and
the leaders of South Africa). Fascism reverses the gains of the
bourgeois democratic system such as free education, equality before
the law, parliaments; and it also extols authoritarianism and the
reactionary union of the church with the state.”

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