No Checkpoints in Heaven

I still vividly remember my father’s face - wrinkled, apprehensive, warm - as he last wished me farewell fourteen years ago. He stood outside the rusty door of my family’s home in a Gaza refugee camp wearing old yellow pyjamas and a seemingly ancient robe.

How the Associated Press Lies About the Occupation of Iraq

This typical pre-Petraeus II article shows well the habit that the AP and most of the rest of the US corporate media have of lying about the funding of the occupation of Iraq:

Book Review: The Firecracker Boys

This is a story about one of the most dangerous parts of the Cold War in the one place where the US and the Soviet Union were close geographical neighbors. Its reappearance is particularly timely given the growing interest in the politics of environmental issues.

'We All Have a Stake in Each Other' – Obama Remembers a King

In a brief but stirring commemorative speech in Fort Wayne, Indiana, April 4, on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the 40th anniversary of his assassination, Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama recalled the civil rights leader's courage, his eloquence, and his leadership ability.

Toronto 18 Suspects Undergo Trial by Media

The trial of the only remaining youth in the Toronto 18 case commenced last week in a Brampton courtroom. The new details disclosed in the Crown factum filed in the case elicited depressingly new emotional lows in all of the accused and their families.

Revolutionizing Women's Roles in Venezuela

The active participation of women in political and economic processes has been prioritized as a key part of the broader movement for social justice that is Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela and the Environment: Can an Oil Country Go Green?

Venezuela is best known for being a major oil producer – the world's fifth-largest, and with reserves of crude larger than those of any other nation outside the Middle East. Few are aware, though, that it also boasts a level of biodiversity that is unmatched in most other parts of the world.

Book Review: Bad Samaritans

Every now and then a 'prize' of a book comes along that includes all the elements of good writing. Bad Samaritans is one of them. Using straightforward language that generally avoids using the lexicon of economists, and explains it well when it is used, Ha-Joon Chang writes a strong narrative about the ills of the capitalist world.

Australia – Sects and Cults: Thriving Trade in Misery

The revelations just keep on coming. Secretive and controlling Christian fundamentalist organizations fronting as mainstream services and businesses have hit the headlines of the Sydney dailies lately.

What does Cesar Chavez mean to you?

March 31st would have been Cesar Chavez's 81st birthday. This date also coincided with the March National Committee meeting of the Communist Party USA. Over the weekend, we had the chance to ask a few NC members what Cesar Chavez means to them.

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