U.S. Militarism Spans Globe

New Brunswick, N.J. – The U.S. operates 90% of all foreign military bases on earth, said peace activist Cathy Goodman at an Apr. 15 event held at Rutgers University co-sponsored by the U.S. Peace Council and Rutgers Against the War.

Recycling your old computer

Thanks in part to pressure from non-profits like Greenpeace International—which has published quarterly versions of its landmark “Guide to Greener Electronics” since 2006—computer makers now understand that consumers care about the environmental footprints of the products they use.

Book Review: The Perils of Empire

The concept of empire has been discussed quite rigorously by various authors since the advent of the Bush administration, with views ranging from neocon jingoism through more academic apologists to those berating empire for the ills of the world.

Global Warming Propels New Hurricane Patterns

Global warming alarmists are right. Scientists and activists who claim that climate change may impact weather patterns such as tropical storms and hurricanes appear to know what they are talking about, according to a recent article in ScienceDaily.com.

The Death Penalty Decision: Score One for Barbarism

Most of our readers probably know that the death penalty has been abolished in many parts of the world. The Council for Europe, for example, campaigns against it and has even established October 10 as European Day Against the Death Penalty to challenge those conservatives who wish to reestablish it.

From Inside a Cage at Guantanamo

The guards at Guantanamo are terrified. Even a man with no legs (amputated after being intentionally exposed to extreme cold by American guards in Afghanistan) is treated as a horrifying threat.

Japan: Communists Call for Abolition of Nukes

At the House of Councilors Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on April 8, Japanese Communist Party representative Inoue Satoshi urged the government to use its initiative for the upcoming G8 Summit at Toyako Town in Hokkaido to take up the issue of abolition of nuclear weapons.

Media Double Standard on Fundraising Promises

National media have echoed presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain's criticism of Democratic candidate Barack Obama for failing to promise to participate in the public financing program for the general election--even though McCain's campaign has said it may not participate in the program either.

Make No Concessions to the Enemy's Ideology

I have decided to write this reflexion after listening to a public comment disseminated by one of the media of the Revolution, which I will not specifically mention.

Venezuela and Brazil Advance on South American Defense Council

Mérida, April 15, 2008 (venezuelanalysis.com)-- A South American defense council to mediate regional conflicts and defend South America from foreign intervention could be concretized this year, the Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim said after meeting with President Hugo Chávez in Caracas Monday.

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