Planning an Eco-friendly Wedding

You know environmental consciousness has really taken hold when couples start to worry about whether their weddings will be green enough. But more and more people who care deeply about the planet view getting married as a chance to show off their values.

John McCain Pushes Plan to Tax Health Care Benefits

John McCain visited Miami Children's Hospital April 28 where he no doubt scared some babies while attempting to kiss them. His main purpose for being there was to give an impression that he understands the health care issue, but he managed only to underscore the fact that he has no plan to solve America's health care crisis.

In Mississippi, Work is now a Felony for Undocumented Immigrants

On March 17, Mississippi Governor Hayley Barbour signed into law the farthest-reaching employer sanctions law of any on the books in the U.S. Employer sanctions is a shorthand name for laws that prohibit employers from hiring immigrants who don't have legal immigration status in the U.S.

‘Blood Diamonds’ ‘Blood Oil’ and ‘Blood Food’

For a while now, I have been thinking about what George W. Bush signifies from a socio-political perspective. Looking at the world from the time of the ‘Big Bang’ of September 11th, 2001, until today almost seven years later, one can clearly observe how monstrous our human interaction has become.

Wind: Powering Energy Alternatives

Clean and green wind energy is the new darling of alternative energy developers, and the U.S. industry has been surging the past three years, especially as developers take advantage of government incentives.

Canada: Vancouver Labor Union Demands Action on Homelessness

'Homelessness in Vancouver has reached crisis levels,' said COPE Councillor David Cadman, after the latest homeless count found more than 1500 people are living on Vancouver streets.

Open Letter on 'Toronto 11' to Authorities from 19 Groups

During the week of April 14, 2008, charges against four more of the 'Toronto 18' were stayed. Along with the three men who were previously released, the case of the 'Toronto 18' has now been whittled down to the 'Toronto 11.'


McCain's Back Door Deals Shatter Ethical Facade

John McCain helped win lucrative land deals worth tens of millions of dollars for a donor who has raised more than $250,000 for McCain's presidential bid, according to a report in the New York Times, Apr. 22.


Georgia Supreme Court Denies Davis Reconsideration, US Supreme Court Allows Lethal Injections

The Georgia Supreme Court on April 14, 2008, denied Troy Anthony Davis’s motion for reconsideration of its March 17, 2008, ruling. Justices ruled last month Davis should not receive a new trial based on new evidence presented in November 2007.

Republicans Prepare New US Election Fraud

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School has found that 25 percent of adult African Americans, 15 percent of adults earning below $35,000 annually, and 18 percent of seniors over 65 do not possess government-issued photo IDs necessary to vote.

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