Coming Ecological Collapse: Failing Ecosystems the Mother of All Bubbles

Within the current sub-prime mortgage and financial bubbles, and food and energy price increases, we are witnessing the logical and inevitable economic consequences of over-population, resource scarcity, inequitable and unreasonable consumption, and unsustainable economic growth.

Basra Battles: Barely Half the Story

The latest battles in Basra, Iraq's second largest city and a vital oil seaport, furnished ample instances of misleading and manipulative practice in corporate journalism today.

Hemisphere-wide Anti-FTA Conference Begins in Havana

Leaders and social activists from a number of countries are taking part in the 7th Hemisphere-wide Conference of Struggle against Free Trade Agreements, which begins today in the Cuban capital’s International Conference Center.

Japan: Gov't Should No Longer Trust in Japan-U.S. Alliance

The public is infuriated with the string of serious crimes committed by U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan as well as with the recent collision between a Self-Defense Forces Aegis-equipped destroyer that supports U.S. military operations and a Japanese fishing boat.

“Acute Shortages” in Violent Baghdad Suburbs

BAGHDAD, 10 April 2008 (IRIN) - A humanitarian crisis is looming in two sprawling Shia suburbs in Baghdad, as clashes continue between government forces (backed by US soldiers) and Shia militants, members of parliament and residents said on 10 April.

Where Your Tax Dollar Will and Will Not Go

During an endless airplane trip from hell yesterday that included an extended stay in Chicago's scenic O'Hare airport, I had the misfortune to read one book about where our tax dollars go and another book that was, indirectly, about where they do not go.

Murder in an Alaskan Forest

No one—at least no human—knows his name, or even if he had a name. We don't know where or when he was born. We know nothing about his life. But we know a lot about his death.

The Business of War

“War,” the progressive activist Randolph Bourne wrote during WWI, “is the health of the state.” It is also the “health” of military contractors, and the huge corporate side of the military industrial complex.

Free Trade: A Myth Starts Falling

Havana, Apr 9 (Prensa Latina) Despite rhetoric about their alleged benefits, the results of free trade agreements in Latin America are far from expected, experts attending the 7th Hemispheric Meeting of the Struggle against FTAs and for Integration of the Peoples said.

An Attack on all Workers

The European Court of Justice ruling that a Polish building subcontractor can undercut agreed industrial wage rates in Germany wasn't a surprise, given the court's previous form over last December's Viking and Laval cases.

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