Televangelist Robertson and the Decadent Capital of Big Oil

You know U.S. Christian televangelist Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition is tight with God. Such tightness has it privileges. One grabbing headlines now is the privilege to call for the U.S.-led liquidation of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, redistributing oil revenue to his nation’s low-income majority.

Oil Prices And The World Economy

WITH headlines tracking the ever-rising price of oil, the lack of any major effect of the shock on global growth has become the subject of discussion and speculation. Taking one of the many internationally traded varieties of relevance to developing Asia, the price per barrel of Dubai Fateh crude averaged $28 in February 2004, around $35 between May and December 2004, nearly $40 in February 2005, crossed $45 in March and $50 in June and stood at $55 in mid-August.

Earth to Dubya, Come In Dubya

Someone needs to grab Mr. Bush by his shirt collar and shake him out of his stupor. Cloistered in Crawford and on permanent vacation, our dear President seems completely disconnected from reality. Whether it's the cries of a grieving mother camped at his front gate, or the burgeoning anti-war movement she inspires, or the snafu he unleashed in Iraq for no legitimate reason, Bush is utterly out of touch with the real world.

Venezuela to Provide Discounted Heating Oil and Free Eye Operations to U.S. Poor

Venezuela’s Chavez said to visiting Rev. Jesse Jackson today that he would like Jackson to help with finding a way to provide discounted heating oil and free eye operations to poor communities in the U.S. Pointing out that Venezuela provides 1.5 million barrels of oil per day to the U.S., Chavez said, 'we would like to provide a part of this 1.5 million barrels of oil to poor communities.'

Movie review: The Dukes Of Hazzard

YEE Haaw? Yee Argh, more like. If you didn't get enough of this risible redneck apologia for southern-fried segregation during its 147 television episodes launched in 1979, you're hardly likely to take up with its dire cinematic successor.


Statement About Draft Constitution: Iraqi Communist Party - Central Information Bureau

While viewing positively the draft constitution in its general context, we stress at the same time our reservation regarding many of its articles, especially those that, in some of their clauses and formulation, encroach upon the desired civil-democratic character of the constitution, and those that restrict women rights and do not allow them to achieve equality with men.


Let's make 60th anniversary of atomic bombing a turning point toward nuclear weapons abolition

To the people of the atomic-bombed country, and the people of the country with the war-renouncing Article 9 in the Constitution: The JCP calls on all of you to sincerely accept the earnest commitment of hibakusha and act together to create a world free of the threat of nuclear weapons. Let's increase activities to achieve peace while furthering cooperation with younger generations!


'What if America Found its Soul?' : A 12 Step Program for America [PA Online Editor's Choice]

'Is it my turn to talk?' 'Yes, America. Go ahead.'
'My name is America, and I am an addict.' (In a chorus of replies in varying languages, the group welcomes America)'I am addicted to power, over-consumption, imperialism, deceit, avarice, hubris, and war. Like a spoiled child with a self-will run amuck, I have tried to force each of you to bend to my will. My life has become unmanageable, I am powerless over my additions. I am prepared to turn my will over to a Power greater than myself and allow that Power to restore me to sanity. The fact that I am speaking to you in English and expecting all of you to understand me shows how deep my arrogance runs...