Televangelist Robertson and the Decadent Capital of Big Oil

You know U.S. Christian televangelist Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition is tight with God. Such tightness has it privileges. One grabbing headlines now is the privilege to call for the U.S.-led liquidation of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, redistributing oil revenue to his nation’s low-income majority.

Venezuela to Provide Discounted Heating Oil and Free Eye Operations to U.S. Poor

Venezuela’s Chavez said to visiting Rev. Jesse Jackson today that he would like Jackson to help with finding a way to provide discounted heating oil and free eye operations to poor communities in the U.S. Pointing out that Venezuela provides 1.5 million barrels of oil per day to the U.S., Chavez said, 'we would like to provide a part of this 1.5 million barrels of oil to poor communities.'


'What if America Found its Soul?' : A 12 Step Program for America [PA Online Editor's Choice]

'Is it my turn to talk?' 'Yes, America. Go ahead.'
'My name is America, and I am an addict.' (In a chorus of replies in varying languages, the group welcomes America)'I am addicted to power, over-consumption, imperialism, deceit, avarice, hubris, and war. Like a spoiled child with a self-will run amuck, I have tried to force each of you to bend to my will. My life has become unmanageable, I am powerless over my additions. I am prepared to turn my will over to a Power greater than myself and allow that Power to restore me to sanity. The fact that I am speaking to you in English and expecting all of you to understand me shows how deep my arrogance runs...


SYRIA: Active promotion of gender equality in rural areas

Iyad al-Dakhil, deputy director of planning in the Deir Ezzor governorate said that the workshop gave women a platform to discuss and call for their rights to be respected. “This has been absent in our society,” he said. 'I was surprised to see that both men and women were open to this idea of promoting gender equality despite our traditions where men dominate society,' he explained.


The Economics of Genocide in Sudan

Remorseless ethnically-targeted human destruction in Darfur now garners only slim and diminishing news coverage. Perversely, this is true even as accounts from various international actors---especially the UN political leadership---become more deeply mired in disingenuousness and self-exculpatory pronouncements.

World Health Organization Declares TB an Emergency in Africa

Call for 'urgent and extraordinary actions' to halt worsening epidemic Health ministers from 46 Member States have declared tuberculosis an emergency in the African region - a response to an epidemic that has more than quadrupled the annual number of new TB cases in most African countries since 1990 and is continuing to rise across the continent, killing more than half a million people every year.

Evangelist Call to Kill Venezuela's Chavez Reaps Outrage

In recent weeks Bush administration officials have stepped up their public and covert attacks on the Venezuelan government, displeased with the South American country spending its oil profits on social and economic development programs and Chavez's refusal to tailor his foreign policy to US interests.

The US government requests more time to make decision on the Five

According to experts, the 30-day extension application is an attempt by the US government to lengthen the process, and corresponds to an order by the US Attorney General who should decide whether to finally appeal the decision of the Eleventh Circuit Court.

Got Gas? Health Care? Go to Venezuela

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela is taking hateful comments from right-wing elites in the US in stride. Despite inflammatory comments by the Bush administration and the barely coherent ravings of Christian Coalition founder and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson about assassinating the elected Venezuelan president, Chávez continues to express his solidarity with the people of the US who struggle for peace, democracy and social justice.

World Festival Declaration:'For Peace and Solidarity, We Struggle Against Imperialism and War!'

In coming years, prior to [the] next Festival, we will continue to struggle and to expand the scope of our actions on many occasions, with ever greater strength and determination...Now we are in a better position to continue our struggle through our respective local, national, regional and international organizations and structures against our common enemies: imperialism, exploitation and war.

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