Diploma Scandal Further Mires Panama's Torrijos Government in Corruption Charges

President Torrijos was voted into office in 2004 on a pledge to root out ubiquitous venality and underhanded activity that had eroded the people’s faith in his predecessor, Mireya Moscoso...Since his inauguration, the Torrijos administration has not prosecuted a single member of Moscoso’s wildly polluted administration, nor have serious investigative efforts been undertaken to thoroughly explore the matter.

Rumsfeld and Rice on Chávez: But Where’s the Beef?

[Rumsfeld] echoed claims made earlier by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is a destabilizing force in the region and had been “unhelpful[ly]” involved in the recent political turmoil in Bolivia. Yet thus far, neither Rice nor Rumsfeld have presented the slightest shred of evidence to support their assertions that Chávez was involved in the ouster of Bolivian President Carlos Mesa.


Crimes of Omission

Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, is suffering from drought and locust infestation. The UN asked for $16 million to avert disaster. The world, including the United States, turned a deaf ear... The result is that now 3.5 million people, including 800,000 children, are in danger of dying. Finally, some aid is flowing after CNN and other media have shown the horrid consequences of the famine – the emaciated bodies of dying children.


Why the Corporate Rich Oppose Environmentalism

In 1876, Marx's collaborator, Frederich Engels, offered a prophetic caveat: 'Let us not . . . flatter ourselves overmuch on account of our human conquest over nature. For each such conquest takes its revenge on us. . . . At every step we are reminded that we by no means rule over nature like a conqueror over a foreign people, like someone standing outside of nature--but that we, with flesh, blood, and brain, belong to nature, and exist in its midst. . . .'

Bush Won't Answer Cindy, But Has to Answer Congress

Cindy Sheehan has raised the right question:  For what noble cause did her son die? Were the reasons Bush gave Congress for why the war was necessary truthful ones?  What did Bush tell Tony Blair three and a half years ago when he invited him, unlike Cindy, in out of the Texas sun?

Sino-Russian military drills demonstrate commitment to world peace

The exercises, which are staged on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of World War II, neither aim at any third party nor concern the interests of any third country and will pose no threat to any country, said Liang Guanglie, chief of the general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, at the opening ceremony.

Court Strikes Down Bush Attack on Homeland Security Workers' Rights

“The regulations fail in their obligation to ensure collective bargaining rights to DHS employees,” U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer said in her Aug. 12 ruling on a lawsuit filed by AFGE and other federal employee unions. The coalition of federal unions was instrumental in working to stop the implementation of the new rules, which would have slashed employees’ bargaining and workplace rights and civil service pay scales.

No Legal Arguments to Retain Cuban Five

'There are no legal arguments to retain them,' said Weinglass, who is one of the defense attorneys. 'The next step should be to release them from the high-security prisons where they have been held in violation of US law,' he added.

Congress of South African Trade Unions: Crush Racism

Eleven years into our democracy, the demon of racism is still stalking our land. It is one of the biggest challenges facing the trade union movement. Evidence of its continued existence can be found in both official reports and the daily experience of our members

Lavalas Family Registers to Participate in Sham Elections

The Lavalas Family party (FL) of exiled President Jean Bertrand Aristide has registered to participate in Haiti’s occupation-run nationwide elections scheduled for later this fall, much to the dismay of the party’s popular base.

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