The Calm Before

It's very, very early morning on Saturday, August 27, in Crawford, Texas. The roads are as dark as Dick Cheney's heart, and the stars as numerous as W's lies. All hell has not yet broken loose and may or may not do so later today. But the police are telling the media that they're preparing for trouble.

Cindy Meets the Media

There's a press conference at 10:30 a.m. CT every day at Camp Casey 2 near Crawford, Texas, and today was no exception. Seven military family members and veterans spoke very briefly, then Cindy Sheehan spoke, and then Cindy answered questions from the assembled representatives of our (private) public communications system.

Blogging in the Crawford Heat

I came to Crawford today, and it's a little different from DC in several ways, but mostly it's hotter. I've been to both Camp Caseys, and am blogging this from the cool of the Crawford Peace House. At Camp Casey 1, I went across the road and talked to the half-dozen pro-war protesters.

Republican Congressman Breaks Ranks, Joins Demand for Documents on Downing Street Memos

Congressman Jim Leach (R, Iowa) has informed Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D, California) that he will co-sponsor her Resolution of Inquiry into Bush Administration communications with the U.K. about Iraq at the time of the Downing Street Memos. 

Anti-war Movement Picks up Momentum – in Congress and in the Streets

Opposition to Bush's war on Iraq continues to grow. An important sign of this fact is the growing dissension in the Republican Party as some GOP leaders are beginning to regard support for the war as an electoral liability in 2006. While others like Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska might see the war issue as part of a presidential bid in 2008.


President Bush Knows the True Reasons He Started A War in Iraq, But He's Not Going to Tell

Every year, right around the anniversary of 9/11 the Bush administration spins the public about the reasons 1,864 American soldiers have died fighting for a lie in Iraq. And every year, it’s just as crucial that the media tell the public the truth about the reasons the war was started.

A Simple Question and the Power of Shame

For two weeks now, sitting on a roadside, in the heat of the Texas sun, amid a growing, raucous circus of supporters, detractors, and media mouthpieces, bereaved mother Cindy Sheehan has done something many thought not possible in America anymore: she has reminded us of shame.

Pedaling Away From Principle: Lance Armstrong Cozies Up To Bush

'The Tour de Crawford.' The words blared from a red, white, and blue piece of spandex that George W. Bush presented to Lance Armstrong at his Crawford, Texas ranch. The gifting followed a 17-mile bike ride where they gazed at the landscape that Bush calls 'my slice of heaven.'

Bush Won't Answer Cindy, But Has to Answer Congress

Cindy Sheehan has raised the right question:  For what noble cause did her son die? Were the reasons Bush gave Congress for why the war was necessary truthful ones?  What did Bush tell Tony Blair three and a half years ago when he invited him, unlike Cindy, in out of the Texas sun?

The Problem with Howard Dean

Question: How is Howard Dean like the Bible? Answer: There is no position for which you cannot, with a little research, find both support and opposition in the pronouncements of Howard Dean.

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