Insurance Industry Gone Wild – The Truth About Health Reform

Death panels. Euthanasia. ACORN. Abortion. Immigrants. An insurance industry-backed right-wing smear campaign wants to inject these highly emotional terms into the health reform debate in order to scare people into opposing a major overhaul of the broken health insurance system.

US Rep. Johnson Hosts Town Hall on Health Care

US Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) held a Town Hall meeting at Georgia Perimeter College on health care reform on Monday, August 10, 2009. He presented his opinions followed by personal testimonies of those seeking health care reform.


Benefits of Green Roofs

Indeed there are many good reasons to build a rooftop garden, or a so-called “green roof”—whereby layers of soil and plants on top of homes and buildings provide a host of environmental “services” for the living space below as well as for the surrounding ecosystem.


Madoff Trustee Creates 'Class War'

Even if court-appointed trustee Irving Picard should recover the $13.7 billion for which he is suing associates of jailed fraudster Bernard Madoff, the money may never get into the pockets of victimized small investors, a law school dean points out.


Boxing's Month From Hell

This July, all the boxing news of note has been in the obituaries. Death has visited the sport like a plague, shocking even the most callous observers. Rallies for Health Care at US Sen. Isakson's Office

About 40 Metro Atlanta activists with rallied in favor of a public healthcare option at US Sen. Johnny Isakson's (R-GA) office on Tuesday, July 28, 2009.


Where is the Immigration Reform Struggle Going?

President Obama announced this week that he thinks that immigration reform legislation can be done early next year, 2010. This represents a postponement from the original idea of getting it done this coming fall.


As the Crisis Grows Deeper, the Wealth Gap Gets Wider

One of capitalism’s unquestionable rules is that, in times of crisis, it’s the poor who suffer the effects of each major budget cut. So even if crises spare no one, the gap gets wider rather than narrower.


Sexual Violence and War

Throughout history, sexual violence has often occurred in places wracked by armed conflict. But over the past decade, reporting from several countries has confirmed that rape is becoming increasingly frequent and brutal—and, in some places, a systematic weapon of war.

Marilyn Clement, Founder, Healthcare-NOW!, 1935-2009

Marilyn Clement, tireless activist and founder and former national coordinator of Healthcare NOW! – a group which advocates for single-payer universal health care – passed away Monday, August 03, 2009, after a long fight with multiple myeloma. She was 74.

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