Marilyn Clement, Founder, Healthcare-NOW!, 1935-2009

Marilyn Clement, tireless activist and founder and former national coordinator of Healthcare NOW! – a group which advocates for single-payer universal health care – passed away Monday, August 03, 2009, after a long fight with multiple myeloma. She was 74.

Many PTSD Afflicted Vets Go Untreated, Says VA Doctor

Veterans returning from the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are displaying many of the same post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms of troops that fought in Viet Nam, yet most do not seek treatment.

Health Reform Opponents Circulate Smear E-mail

An unidentified person (or persons), who sources say is linked to the Republican Party affiliated and insurance lobby funded Conservatives for Patients Rights, has circulated an e-mail containing a number of erroneous and misleading claims about the health reform bills in Congress.

Healthcare: If Blue Dogs Run Free

A public plan could more easily control overall savings and level of quality. It is true that in some rural areas – not an accident that all of the blue-dogs are from rural states – coops function well and certainly at no worse cost than the Canadian National Health Service does in its remote rural areas.


What Hoosiers Know About Healthcare

Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) is one of those so-called “blue dog” Democrats who remain ambivalent about parts of the Obama political agenda, particularly the Employee Free Choice Act (despite his long-time popularity with Indiana trade unionists) and health care reform.

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