Movie Review: The Golden Compass

Based upon Philip Pullman's The Northern Lights, this first work in the His Dark Materials trilogy is supposed to be the atheistic antidote to all those Christian fantasy films inspired by the likes of Tolkein and CS Lewis.

India: Parliament Says Stop Nuclear Deal

The 123 agreement for civilian nuclear cooperation with the Untied States has finally been discussed in both houses of parliament. As expected, a majority of the members in both houses have opposed the nuclear deal on various grounds.


Venezuela: Temporary Reversal of an Indispensable Reform

A deafening but dissonant chorus sung by rightists, centrists and false leftists is celebrating the result rejecting the Venezuelan constitutional reform by less than one percentage point.


Turning on the Lights about Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Analysts at the nonprofit Earth Policy Institute (EPI) estimate that the United States could close 80 coal-fired power plants if Americans switched over en masse to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).


Georgia State House Committee Releases Draft of Eyewitness ID Bill

A bipartisan Georgia House of Representatives study panel released draft legislation November 29, 2007, that, if eventually passed, would require minimum procedures for enhancing witness identification accuracy.

The True Aim of Annapolis, and Why It Failed

The US-sponsored peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland was neither a success nor failure, if one accepts that its so-called objective was indeed 'peacemaking.'


The War and the Democrats

There are the people's interests and there are the interests of the military industrial complex [MIC] and those who benefit from US imperialism or think they do.

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