Project Censored: Strong Denunciation against Misinformation

The book Project Censored 2009 is a powerful denunciation of the US mainstream media, which purposely silences certain news stories of public interest, said Chilean journalist Ernesto Carmona as he presented the book today in Havana.

Organized Labor and a Liberal-NDP-Bloc Coalition Government

A Liberal-NDP coalition supported by the Bloc Quebecois to oust the Harper Conservatives may be taking shape. The Conservative Government is maneuvering desperately to remain in power. A non-confidence motion may happen next week.

Obama's National Security Team Aims for Foreign Policy Change

The rumors proved true. President-elect Obama, Monday, Dec. 1, announced the top figures in his national security cabinet. Hillary Clinton will head the State Department. Jim Jones will serve as National Security Advisor....

New Latin American Film Festival Expands with African Sample

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 3 (acn) The 30th International Havana Festival of the New Latin American Cinema will open here on Tuesday with a sample distinctive of today’s African film creation.

Japan: Call for Return of Okinawan Waters Closed for US Military Purposes

Pressured by fishermen, Okinawa Governor Nakaima Hirokazu for the first time joined the prefectural association of fishermen's cooperatives in making representations to the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, and the US Ambassador to Japan.

Beach Erosion and Global Warming

Unfortunately for beach lovers and owners of high-priced beach-front homes, coastal erosion in any form is usually a one-way trip. Human-made techniques such as beach nourishment may slow the process, but nothing short of global cooling or some other major geomorphic change will stop it altogether.

Gaza: Salvation in a News Broadcast

When Gaza's electricity is in working order, most Palestinians in the impoverished and overcrowded Strip huddle around their television screens. It's neither 'American Idol' nor 'Dancing with the Stars' that brings them together. It's the news.

Atlanta's Intersex Police Officer Seeks Awareness

As the Atlanta Police Department's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Liaison, Officer Darlene Harris has served as a symbol assuring fair treatment and greater protection since 2005, when she was appointed to this post.

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