How Much Old Growth Forests Do We Have Left?

As crazy as it sounds, no one really knows how much old growth is left in America’s forested regions, mainly because various agencies and scientists have different ideas about how to define the term.

Stop US Low-flight Exercises in Japan

Sonic booms from low-altitude flight training exercises conducted by US military aircraft are disturbing residents across Japan and causing growing concerns about possible plane crashes.


The Unfinished Line

Apparently one grand old racing car circuit is moving forward and another is moving backwards. Not surprisingly, it's the American circuit who's tires are stuck in reverse. I've been remiss on reporting on a Black driver in auto racing's most famous circuit, Formula One (F1) AKA the European Grand Prix.

Inquisiciones sobre el paradigma, Entrevista a Eduardo Galeano

Una visión humanista considera la historia como un producto humano, es decir, producto de la libertad de sus individuos y de los diversos grupos que la han realizado e interpretado. Una visión antihumanista afirma que, por el contrario, esos individuos y esos grupos son el resultado de la historia misma y su libertad es una ilusión.

Private Health Insurance is Bad For Public Health

It is important to include in our thinking about the US Health Care system that private health insurers are often multi-million dollar investors in some of the worst health-damaging industries, cigarette manufacturers most notably, but also tobacco pesticides, pesticides in general, chlorine, polluting smokestack industries, oil, unhealthy foods, mountaintop removal coal mining, and even military weaponry.

Inquiries on Paradigm, Interview with Eduardo Galeano

A humanist vision considers history to be a human product, which is to say, a product of the freedom of its individuals and the diverse groups that have enacted it and interpreted it. An anti-humanist vision asserts that, on the contrary, those individuals and those groups are the result of history itself, and their freedom is an illusion.

Witnessing the Decay of Western Hegemony and the Role of the Organic Intellectual

Antonio Gramsci differentiated organic intellectuals from traditional intellectuals, by emphasizing the role of the former in cultivating roots within their communities to help develop a self-inspired organic consciousness.

Unscripted: Green Zone Theater and the Shoe Drama

The plot, so unexpectedly, thickened in Iraq on a Sunday like no other. The two main actors – US President George W. Bush, and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki – took to the stage to perform another well-rehearsed press conference.

Can Reparations-for-All Replace the Failed Bailout?

Corporate Welfare, corporate communism, call it what you; let's not make a deal. Let's indict. The probelms that have led to today's recession were cause by bad regulators and the short-sighted members of Congress who enabled them.

Controversial Rev. Rick Warren to Speak at King Memorial Service in Atlanta

ATLANTA – Controversial pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, who at least once has compared homosexuality to incest, has been booked to be the keynote speaker at Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service

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